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ction on the 3rd day or the 9th day depending upon the financial

status of the parents.

This custom appears to have been borrowed from the pra-

ctice of the people of the plains,

6.  Pre-Marital Sex :

Pre-marita! sex is not approved by the Gadabas,

When going to the market or when collecting firewood from

the forest, young girls come into close association with men who

sometimes seduce them. Once this has happened, the girl develops

a sort of affection for the man, and the two move together as

often as possible. Seon these clandestine meetings are noticed,

and gentle hints are given to the parents.

The parents, without directly mentioning their suspicions,

gently warn the girl. But these affairs still go on as usual. The

boy's friendss give him every sort of encouragement. The affair

becomes an open secret. But even then, the parents do not very

much interfere.

Oa the other hand, if the boy is a hard worker          is well

to do, the parents do not disapprove  the girls fascination.   They

give them gentle hints of approval for their marriage.

Pre-marltal sex is not an overt practice among the Gadabas

of Raja Cheruvu Valasa.

7.  Marriage :

Marriage, among these people, takes place in several ways,

a) arranged by both parents, b) arranged by parents of bride-groom

only, c) love marriage, d) Post-marital sexuality, e) Re- marriage.